Shipping Container Cabins

A shipping container cabin can be anything from a simple storm shelter, to a full blown cabin with electricity and running water.  Once you have the plan in place, all that you need are the components to put it together.  If you’ve ever been curious about how to get started, or just looking for a rough template for your own idea, check out this article on “Building a Shipping Container Cabin“.  Here’s an excerpt:

 The original plan called a single container with 24 bunked cots, but after some consideration we’ve decided to add a second container and reduce the number of cots to 22 in all. This will give the students and faculty a little extra space to stretch out in, while adding storage space in the end of one container and some recreational area at the end of the other. We’re also looking into building a divider wall between each of the cots with a curtain for separating the individual quarters.

No matter if you’re a prepper, live in a tornado or storm prone area, or just want to have a shelter on a remote corner of your ranch; the process is nearly the same, it’s just a few parts that are interchangeable.

Shipping Containers for Preppers

Shipping containers and preppers seem to go hand in hand, and here’s my logic: A goal of many preppers is to have a fall-back location from which they can regroup and rally that’s away from the epicenter of (insert disaster here).  This fallback location, or bug out shelter, should be secure, strong, and nondescript.  Does that type of structure sound like anything we discuss here?

Preppers can buy a shipping container, have a few simple modifications made, and move it to a secure location where they can stock the unit with the necessary supplies and use it for training their family and core group.

There are a lot of useful links about prepping available, and rather than regurgitate what’s already available, here are a few captions and links to useful articles relating to both shipping containers and prepping.

If you’ve got any cabin ideas for preppers, shipping containers or otherwise, feel free to drop us a message or leave a comment.  We always enjoy hearing new ideas and developments that people are using.

Shipping Container Parts and Pieces

Every consider all of the parts, pieces and components that go into putting a shipping container together?  If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not.  Shipping containers impact your daily life in more ways than you can image, and most people don’t even realize it.

The core parts on a shipping container are the walls and ceiling, floor, top and bottom rails, corner castings, and doors.  If you’d like to see a few pictures and diagrams, check out this article on shipping container parts, published by

top and bottom rails on a shipping container


5 Tips for Buying a Shipping Container (if you’re not shipping with it)

Are you a first time buyer of a used shipping container?  If so, read on… you might be buying it for a storage unit, modular housing conversion, or some type of outbuilding on your farm or ranch.  You might also be a company buying it for a storage unit on your factory or construction site property.  Whatever the reason, here are five tips compiled to make inspections quick and easy.  Follow the link for the full story:

  1. Swing the door
  2. Read the plate
  3. Go inside and close the doors
  4. Stretch a line
  5. Check the corners

You can read the full article here, and if you like it be sure to like it and share it with your friends – Tips for buying used shipping containers.

Tips for Buying Used Shipping Containers

The internet is awash with blogs and articles giving you tips and ideas on how to buy the best shipping container, at the cheapest price; however many of these articles are biased towards the margin available to the person selling the container, and what they don’t take into consideration is the specific needs of the buyer. Most frequently, the two biggest concerns for the buyer are either price, or condition.

Tips for Used Shipping Container Prices

If the biggest concern that you have when shopping to buy a used shipping container is price, you can usually find a really good deal on a used shipping container. It may not be a perfect piece of equipment (maybe an odd color painted to match a shipping line), but the less “curb appeal” that it has typically means a lower price. If you’re going to be storing fire wood or animal feed in the unit on the back of your ranch, you may not care what the container looks like as long as it keeps out rodents and other vermin.

How to find a cheap used shipping container: Ask for a container that hasn’t been refurbished or painted, but is still wind and water tight. Explain what you’ll be using it for, and let the seller know that price is your primary concern.

Tips for Used Shipping Container Conditions

If you need a shipping container that looks like it just came off the showroom floor (fresh or solid paint, “new car smell”, and all the bells and whistles), you’ll want to look for either a one trip container, or a container that’s under five years old. One trip containers are typically painted a solid color, and while not considered to be used have been used one time, they’ll have high locking gear and usually will be equipped with a lock box.

How to find a shipping container in great condition: Ask for a container that’s either one trip, or under five years old and painted a solid color. Shipping lines probably won’t have equipment like this, but leasing companies will have them available. You’ll need to pay a little more for the container, but you won’t need to paint it or worry about any repairs (cosmetic or otherwise).

Further Reading on Buying Used Shipping Containers

There are lots of online resources for advice on the best way to buy a used shipping container, and most of them are regionally specific (parts of the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, etc) and the information isn’t always relevant to your area. has worked with their sellers on an international level and assembled a library of tips for buying used shipping containers. Have a look, and then you’ll be well informed when you start your container search.

Getting the Best Price on a Shipping Container – Delivery Options

Depending on where you live, the cost of having a shipping container delivered can greatly impact the price of the container, more than you might realize. published this article, “Avoid Expensive Delivery for Shipping Containers“, and stresses that, just like vegetables, you should try to buy your shipping container as close as possible.  Not only will it be fresh, it will save you money as well (Okay, maybe it won’t  be any more fresh, but the container won’t be any less fresh either!).

When you start looking for a driver to deliver a container for you, an important question to ask is how you will be billed (along with the type of truck delivering the container). Depending on where you are located, different trucking and delivery companies will charge based on different scales, most commonly time or distance.

If you’ve got any questions, or need some help having a container delivered or repositioned, give a call to, or google your local shipping container retailer.  It could save you some time and money, two things that are hard to come by these days.


Unloading a Container Ship

Ever wonder how a container ship is unloaded? Yeah, so did we. Check this out for a little insight into how shipping containers find their way to you.

40′ Shipping Containers for Sale in Colorado

Jeff D:

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Originally posted on Colorado Storage Containers:

Just in time for winter, and have a great selection of 40′ standard and 40′ high cube shipping containers for sale in Denver, and ready to be delivered to your location!

40' shipping container  40' new shipping container

No matter if you’re in Metro-Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, or any point in the Mountains, we can get you the best container at the cheapest possible price.

All of the shipping containers to come  through our platform are cargo worthy (better than wind-water tight), 20′ or 40′ long, and we can provide both new and used containers.

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Shipping Container Price Break-Down

So, a shipping container isn’t much more than a steel box (the beauty lies in it’s simplicity!).  Unlike a car, or computer, or even a modern home appliance, there’s no technology to become obsolete and need to be updated.  The parts do exactly what they say they’re going to do, and if treated right the container will last on the seas for 15-20 years, then be sold off to use as a storge unit.  That being said, coming out of the factory what drives the price of a shipping container?  Steel, paint, labor, and flooring are the core components and you can read more about in the article What are the Price Components of a Shipping Container?.

shipping container prices

2 Options on Where to Buy a Shipping Container

There are really two places to find shipping containers for sale – retail dealers, and, if you can find them, wholesale dealers.  If you’re looking for shipping container auctions (think – unclaimed freight like  on “Container Wars”, you’re going to be looking for a while).

Shipping containers can be found for sale in lots of locations these days. There are retail outlets around the United States and Canada that provide shipping containers for sale with full services provided (modifications, painting, delivery, etc…), wholesale outlets that assist people who are interested in purchasing used condition shipping containers either in larger volumes, multiple container lots, or without any additional services, and auctions of full, unclaimed containers like those seen on the popular television show “Container Wars”. put together a quick summary on the pros and cons of each type of transaction, and a little section about why unclaimed freight auctions are hard to find.  Read the article here, Shipping Container Auctions and Sales“.


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