Five Factors That Impact Shipping Container Prices

When you shop for a shipping container you may find a variety of prices available. It is easy to buy the first cheap storage container you find. You must, however, understand what goes into shipping containers prices in order to determine if that great deal is really as good as it seems. — keep reading here.


Oversized Shipping Containers: 53′ and 45′ Equipment

If you’re in the market for a massive shipping container, you’ll be able to find a few if you look in the right places.  The biggest container on the market is a 53′ unit, and the next size down is a 45′ container.  Both are limited in their international uses, but still serve the domestic US market on a regular basis.

53′ Shipping Containers

 53′ shipping containers were once used for international shipping, but due to size restrictions and inefficiencies most shipping lines mothballed this size.  They’re still used domestically for truck and train shipping in the US, but the inventory is dwindling.  53′ containers are 102″ (8’6″) wide, making them six inches wider than a conventional container, and 9’6″ tall, making them a high cube.

45′ Shipping Containers

45′ containers were once thought to be a great solution, but their popularity is also falling off for the same reason as the 53′ containers – economically they’re just not as efficient.  Containers this size are 8′ wide, and 9’6″ tall, high cube status.  They were normally used for shipping large bulky items like furniture and similar items.  While there aren’t many around these days, you can find some in Jacksonville, Florida and Chicago, Illinois.

If you’re in the market for extra large, or over sized shipping containers, you’ll want to do your research and make sure that you have enough room to keep them, and enough room to have them delivered. Of course, this is assuming that you can find a company with a trailer large enough to move them (legally)!

While they’re still popular for domestic shipping, over sized shipping containers are losing much of the following they once had.  Although they are still in use, the long term application of them is still up for debate.  If you’re interested in buying 45′ or 53′ container, check with a local dealer/supplier or on websites like or

The Differences Between Standard and Portable Storage

Next time you look for a self-storage unit to, odds are there will be plenty of options at hand. Among these options will be both standard and portable self-storage units – for example shipping containers, both of which have an array of positives and negatives.

Initial Differences
On the surface the differences between the two may not be immediately obvious, especially to those who have never rented a self-storage space before. They are both storage units that come in different shapes and sizes and provide a safe area in which to store your belongings. Standard units follow the basic philosophy of providing a one-size-fits-all room that is protected by either a standard or garage door. Portable units take things to the next level and bring the storage unit directly to you, even if you are based in another country. Their purpose may be the same, but portable units opt for additional versatility, even if it does come at an added cost.

The Differences Between Standard and Portable Storage

Size Differences
Standard storage units can be as small as a broom closet and as a large as a boat hanger. However, due to the mobile nature of portable storage units, they tend to be smaller than their standard counterparts. Such metal containers can be as large 45 square feet and as small as 5 square feet. Standard units are generally larger, but such size can come at a sacrifice.

Features (especially in terms of security) vary from facility to facility. Some are housed within buildings that are accessible via car, while others won’t be. It all depends on the operating company and their personal policies. You can expect standard self-storage units to follow a similar pattern, in which they are situated in an open plan area and partitioned by a single wall. Portable units are different in the fact that they aren’t situated within a set facility and usually take the form of a metal container. It is this that allows them to be mobile in nature and transported with ease when required.

Standard storage units may vary in price depending on size and features, but it goes without saying that due to their standard nature it is easier to get a ‘cheap’ option. Portable storage units may have similar level base costs, but as extras are added they tend to reach high-end price points. Transportation fees, collection fees and delivery costs, mean that utilising the mobile element can be costly. Before signing up for a portable unit, these are costs that you need to consider, as in most instances they are non-negotiable.

When looking at self-storage units, you will never be short of options. But, versatility can possibly be an issue. Between standard units and portable units there are big differences, standard units come in set sizes and can only really house items that are already resistant to weather elements. However, shipping containers can be moved from location to location and thus are more versatile in what they store. Specialty units are also available and can serve to further the quality of conditions in which your items are stored.

Personal Preference
Placing items into storage, especially over the long-term, is not an easy thing to do, especially as there are so many types of storage units to choose from. The two leading options are standard and portable and as this article has detailed, the differences between the two are well worth noting. Next time you are on the hunt for a storage unit, be sure to keep all the aforementioned information in mind when trying to decide between standard and portable options.

What to Look for When You’re Picking a Storage Facility

Not many people are experts at picking storage facilities for household use as there are not all that many times when it is a necessary thing for you to organise. However when you do, you should approach it as you would any other purchase and that involves research, research and more research. No one wants to pay more than they need to for anything in life and storage is no different. To help make sure you’re getting a get self storage facility, rate your storage company on the six factors below.

Storage Lockers
1. Range of Packages
A good storage site should be able to offer customers a range of storage facilities including self storage units, rooms, lockers, storage containers and other additional mobile services. If your storage firm only offers a basic range of packages then it may also offer only a basic range of additional security measures or discounted rates. Check what different offers the company has to ensure that you’re getting a firm which can meet your ever-changing needs.
2. Flexibility
When you’re signing up for a self storage package you don’t always know how long you are going to need it for. Despite this, some companies will try and get you to sign up for a minimum term and may even charge you a fee if you want to withdraw your items earlier. If you don’t want to pay for anything that you don’t use then make sure that you’re storage firm has flexible storage options which suit your needs.
3. Storage Prices
It is always beneficial to get quotes from a few storage companies before you sign on the dotted line. This way you can be sure that you’re not being charged too much by a cowboy storage firm. It is also important that you check the small print on any forms that you sign to ensure that there are no hidden costs such as maintenance charges or cancellation fees. These sort of charges should be rare but it’s always worth checking just in case.
4. Storage Sizes
As well as getting a range of storage prices you should also shop around to see which firm has the most suitably-sized storage unit or storage container for you. One of the most common reasons people end up paying too much for their storage is because they hire a storage space which is too big for their things. The smaller storage space you get the less it should cost, so make sure you check what you can find to best suit your household items.
5. Opening Times
Even if you don’t envisage needing access to your stored items on a regular basis it can be useful to check whether the storage facility Docklands is open during convenient times. Do you want to end up using a site which is only open Monday to Friday or somewhere that’s only open 9-5PM? If not, then make sure you check what a company’s opening times are before you move your items in. Many self storage sites are now open well into the evening, making it more convenient for you to use.
6. Customer Service
If you need to report a problem with your storage unit or storage container or if you need some help moving things in or out then it is important that you find a firm which has an excellent customer service team. If you don’t, then you could find yourself stuck with a shoddy storage room or with a unit that is too big or small for what you need. Customer services personnel should always be happy to help you out with anything that you need.

Autumn Seasonal Repairs For Your Shipping Container

Well, it’s getting close to that time of year again.  Old man winter is coming down the path and will be knocking on the door before we know it.  And as the leaves and snow begins to pile up, it’s a good idea to make sure that your shipping container is in tip top shape to withstand the pressures of winter.

The key area to look at when winterizing your container is the paint and potential rust spots.  You’ll want to make sure that there are no areas where rust can start, or spread, when the freeze thaw cycle begins.  You could clean and repaint the entire container, but that could be an investment worth more than the container itself.  Or, you could take the advice of and, “If you simply want to remove the rust and repaint the affected areas, we recommend getting a wire brush and some sand paper, vinegar, and direct to metal, or DTM paint.” Follow the link to learn more about repainting a shipping container.

Used shipping container

If you have any questions about shipping container repairs, repainting, or buying new and used equipment, feel free to contact us through the blog, or call or text any time to 970-239-1368.

How Mobile Storage Can Help Your Business Productivity

If your business needs to move a lot of items into storage then you may want to consider using a mobile storage facility. Mobile self storage units are ideal for corporate use and can help you to keep your business running efficiently while you get things sorted. So if you want to move furniture, files, stock or other items into storage here is how mobile storage can help.
How Mobile Storage Can Help Your Business Productivity

  • No Transport Costs – when you hire a mobile self storage unit there is no need for you to organise or pay-out for expensive transport costs, instead mobile storage container comes to you! Not only will it be delivered and collected, it will also be redelivered to you when you’re ready to have it back. This can not only make the process easier to organise but also less expensive in the long-run. This saving can then be spent on other important business assets helping you to improve your long-term business productivity.
  • Less Time Consuming – using a mobile storage container can be a great way of reducing the amount of time spent on moving your furniture or stock into storage. Particularly good for any business that has a large amount of items to move, mobile units can save you from having to waste your time loading and then unloading a removal van at the storage container site. Instead, all you will need to organise is for someone to load the mobile self storage unit at your office or shop ready for the storage company to pick it up. The less time it takes for you to move, the fewer resources you will have to dedicate to it and the more effective the process will become.
  • Less Manual Labour Required – by reducing the amount of loading and unloading you have to organise you can also reduce the amount of labour which you need to dedicate to the storage process. This means that you don’t have to pay temporary workers or that you don’t have to second your workers from their day-to-day duties for as long. As a result, you can save money for future business use or minimise the impact that the move has on your employees and customers alike.
  • Convenient To Get Back – if you have ever had items in storage that you have needed back pronto then you will know that it can be a hassle to organise. There is the transport to hire, the labour to organise and the paperwork to sort. However, with mobile self storage all you need to do is give the storage firm a call. The storage company will then return the mobile unit back to you at a time which suits your business needs and will then leave it with you for to empty at your convenience. This removes the desperate rush and the inconvenience of hiring transport and instead enables you to handle it at a time which is good for your business and customers. By minimising any unwanted hassle or inconvenience, you can ensure that your employees remain focused on their work and that your business remains productive at all times.

So if productivity is key in your business and you have a large amount of items which you need to move into storage then mobile self storage might be the answer for you. Not only can it be a more cost-effective option in the long-run, it can also ensure that your employees are able to remain focused on the important aspects of their work; not becoming distracted by the normal time-consuming procedures of standard storage options.

5 Easy storage solutions

Sometimes it can be a bit of a minefield knowing how to go about storing things, and you will often find that there are a great many options available to you. On the other hand, you may not have the first clue about storage, and need a few of the different ways in which you can do these things spelled out. Have a look over the following list of storage options for an idea as to how you can get your things put away, without there being any difficulties…

5 Easy storage solutions

5 Easy storage solutions

  1. Self storage is usually based in a large warehouse storage style space, where there will be a great many rooms that divide the place up. These rooms will be accessible by a large lift or on the ground floor, which means that they are easy enough to get things to with the use of a trolley or a sack barrow. You will find that the best way to get your things in to a self storage unit will be with a removal vehicle or a man and van service. These lockers are rather expensive, given the less than economical use of space in the warehouses.
  1. Mobile storage involves any type of storage (for example storage container) where the locker is not in a fixed place. You will find that the best way to get things stored with the minimum hassle is with mobile storage (storage container), as it means that the unit is picked up form your home as soon as it has been loaded. This basically means that you are free to load the unit up as you like, without the hassle of hiring a van and man service, nor having to hire a removal van. There is obviously a fair bit more of an expense to think about, though the actual price per month will often be less than with self storage.
  1. Crate storage is often a type of mobile storage, though you can sometimes take your items to the plant. Crate storage stacks crates full of your items up in a warehouse, which means that they are a lot cheaper to store, and this essentially means that you are paying less per month. However, the prices for viewing your items can be quite high, so only go for this method if you are certain that you won’t need to check in on your things too often!
  1. Private storage is a general name given to any type of storage space offered up by an individual, rather than a proper business. You will find that there are often people out there who are looking to utilize a spare garage or a barn on their land, in exchange for some money. You will find that these types of storage are a lot cheaper than most, but they may not be the most secure storage. Look out for damp, pests and security issues that may make it more expensive in the long run than the price may suggest!
  1. On site storage is perfect for those who are house dressing for a better sale, or doing renovations. You will find that on site storage can be ugly, as it is essentially a tanker container sitting on your drive or your lawn, but it is very practical. In terms of ensuring that you are getting things moved out of the house quickly, but not having to drive them anywhere, an them remaining accessible, on site storage can not be beaten! Have a think about whether your neighbors are going to be ok with the eyesore however, as it can be pretty off putting!

Moving a Storage Container – How to pick it up without a forklift

In our last post we discussed how to unload a shipping container with no forlift to lift it off the truck; but what about when you don’t have a forklift to load it onto the truck?  Simple, just back underneath of it.  Okay, maybe it’s not that simple; but close.  All that you need is some creativity, a few blocks of wood, and some chains (assuming you already have the tilt bed truck and shipping container).

Watch this video to see how it’s done, and read more here about how to load a storage container onto a tilt bed trailer:

Shipping Container Delivery – Tilt Bed Trailer

Here’s a quick video of how a shipping container is delivered to a residential location (or other location without a forklift/crane on site).  Delivery on a tilt bed costs a little more, but unless you’re going over 100 miles it negates the cost of renting a forklift to take the container off a truck or chassis.

All that you need to have a container delivered on a tilt bed is:

  • A cleared space, foundation or blocks/ties to set the container on,
  • Ample space for the truck to back in, and pull out,
  • Solid ground to support the truck without getting stuck.

Check out the video, and let me know if you have any questions or need any help.  Follow the link for more ideas about tilt bed shipping container delivery.

Chicago Container Sale – Cheap Price, Cargo Worthy Quality

The summer is heating up in Chicagoland, and the price of 20′ shipping containers is on fire.  Container sales in Chicago have always been competitive, but this summer they’re getting even more competitive.  Used 20′ containers are now on sale at $850/unit, or $1600 for a pair of them.

Check this link for more details about shipping containers in Chicago.

These containers are in cargo worthy condition and can be used for shipping, storage, or just about any other modification project that you can think of.  For example, we recently converted 2x used containers into a storm shelter/bunk house. works with major shipping lines around the world to help them market and sell their new and used shipping containers.  Some lines and leasing companies sell directly through the platform, while others operate on a consignment basis.